Anetavlen er blevet opdateret den 14. februar 2018 til 425 aner og en linje tilbage til Skjalm Hvide. Det er 27 generationer og 1.000 år tilbage i tid. Jeg har en del materiale liggende der går mere 50 generationer tilbage og som skal redigeres og lægges ind i anetavlen. Det er utroligt. En dronning er født år 0 i Jylland. Dengang var her meget tyndt befolket. Fantastisk. Det er nulpunktet og længere tilbage er vist ikke aktuel. Så langt tilbage er umuligt at kontrollere og er sakset fra nettet. 

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Danish roots. Ancestors who are fighting, struggling and striving for a better life in the stranger. They have scanned the horizon and set new goals. A long cumbersome voyage and harsh conditions there in America and elsewhere in the world. In all we find names like Jensen, Petersen, Olsen and Sorensen, etc.

Several hundred of my Danish family emigrated to America, Canada, Australia, New Jersey, etc. in the 1880s, etc. Some before and some later, but today there are thousands of my family in the big world with Danish roots. Our common ancestors / family is for example represented in the most of states in America and many places in Canada, New Zealand and Australia. It is amazing and exciting to research in our family from old Denmark and over there in the big world.

Strong men, women and children said old Denmark goodbye and some never to see it again. They traveled from distress and misery into the world to try and create a new and better life. Life has not been a dance of roses. For some, it went well and others less well.

There were many talented people who traveled. People who wanted something and fought for their cause and their family. Something we should be proud of today. Descendants with good education and prosperity are common today.

Southern Juttland (Sonderjylland) in Denmark was from 1864 to 1920 under German rule and consequently Southern Juttland was often referred to as Schleswig in Germany. In 1920, Southern Juttland became Danish. Southern Juttland come back to old Denmark.

Genealogy is a lovely hobby that not only tells about our family but also history of a bygone era. Genealogy is something that's never done, because there is always a new look.

When I started more than 20 years ago, we did not have the options we have today, but at that time it was easier to get information from relatives.

Now there are more who promise and thereby it will be. They do not have time they mean. People have enough in their own and family we have never met or know are for some uninteresting. It's general everywhere in the world.

My family book is made for the benefit and pleasure of both present and future generations. I try to make the book as complete as possible, with images and text right down to the latest generations. When I get it now, I think it's a shame that the latest generations are missing.

Some may be scared of the Internet, but I do not put pictures and data out of the new’er generations unless otherwise agreed.

When I make a family book of that dimension I'm in, there are many different people and nationalities. There are people who have a lot and people who have much less and that will always be.

What matters to me is that we come from the same ancestry – blood band. It's so amazing that two people can become so many for just 10 generations.

My dream is to go on holiday over there, but it will remain with the dream when there is only a retirement pension. My research has taught me a lot about eg. America.

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